Our Story:

Defend the world from
emerging Generative
AI threats.

AI red team to simulate next gen attacks
Sub in Generative training
Transform organizational approach to defense and security
AI red team to simulate next gen attacks
Sub in Generative training
Transform organizational approach to defense and security
About Jericho Security:

Jericho is using AI to fight AI

With unparalleled expertise in proprietary analytics and educational
frameworks, we build our defenses to withstand the relentless scale and
might of AI-unleashed attacks.

Our vision is to empower security organizations with an AI red team and an AI blue team.

We envision a new plane of algorithmic warfare, where our AI red team and AI blue team battle it out, train off of each other and become the ultimate adversarial and defense AIs.

Get to know our
founding team

Sage Wohns

CEO & Co Founder

10 year Al CEO & Founder. Former CEO/Co-Founder of Agolo: a natural language processing pioneering work in Summarization and Graph Creation backed by Google and Microsoft. UChicago & Columbia Business School.

Tim Hwang

Chairman & Co Founder

CEO & Co-Founder of FiscalNote. $1B+ Legal Vertical SaaS Company (raised over $300m+ in VC, 700+ Employees Globally, $100m+ in revenues). Co-Founder and Chairman of Nitra. Princeton and Harvard Business School.

Dan Chyan


10 Year Cybersecurity Expert. Former Founding Partner at PKC Security: Cybersecurity Consulting and AppDev firm with Balboa, a client-slide, end-to-end encrypted collaboration product. Previously Dev Manager at FiscalNote. Princeton.


Our board
of advisors

Scott Howitt

Former CISO
MGM & McAfee

Stan McChrystal

The McChrystal Group

Nitin Raina


Andy Kim

Former CIA
South Korea
Station Head

Ty Sybano


Andrew Howard

Former CEO
Kudelski Security

Mark Carney


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Coming soon

GenAI Email Security

Release: 2024 Q2

Trained from the largest dataset of human-annotated spear phishing attacks in the world, Jericho Security is excited to release our email defense powered by our Generative AI Blue Team!


More Languages Supported

Release: 2024

This enhancement will revolutionize our tool's capability to create authentic, language-tailored phishing scenarios, vastly improving cybersecurity training for diverse, global teams.


In Inbox Training

Release: 2024 Q2

Utilizing Generative AI, we’ve created a unique model for training users by sharing what insights in the emails indicate the likelihood of an attack. This both extends the model of our security awareness training to live emails, and creates a value additive security for users.


Phone Simulations

Release: 2024

Simulated SMSishing and Vishing (voice calls) attacks to help educate and inoculate your teams from new generative AI threats.

Red team
Social engineering
If our threats constantly evolve, so should our defenses
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