Partner with Jericho Security

Elevate your cybersecurity training with Jericho Security’s generative AI solutions. Jericho Security using AI to fight AI

Jericho trains employees to recognize and respond to new AI threats by simulating hyper-personalized attacks, resulting in increased testing efficiency, reduced costs, and fewer security incidents. Our approach to training involves:

  • Test: Replicate real-life phishing simulations with our AI-powered email generator.
  • Monitor: Report on how your organization is performing in granular detail
  • Train: Leverage AI-powered training that drives behavioral change

Jericho learns from its attack simulation and adapts to test your organization and continuously detect generative attacks. 


Why Partner with Jericho Security?

Market Opportunity

According to GME, the cybersecurity awareness training market is projected to grow from USD 1,854.9 million in 2022 to USD 12,140.0 million by 2027.

The need for cyber security training has never been greater: 

  • 97% of employees cannot identify sophisticated phishing emails (Source: Intel Security Report).
  • 80% of reported cybersecurity incidents are from phishing attacks (Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report).
  • 65% increase in phishing attacks in the past year. (Source: SlashNext State of Phishing Report).

Organizations that implement phishing training see significant results: 

  • 70% less likely to fall for phishing attacks (Source: Google & UC Berkeley Phishing Study).
  • 70% reduction in the number of successful phishing attacks. (Source: Verizon).
  • 66% reduction in overall phishing susceptibility (Source: DHS S&T Phishing Report).

Cybersecurity training is also becoming more critical across all industries, including healthcare, finance, and education, where sensitive data and systems require protection. 

Quick and Simple Sales Cycles

Powerfully Simple: Our platform guarantees quick and easy sales cycles and strong results thanks to its:

  • Demo-ready intuitive interface
  • 80% POC success from first meetings
  • Rapid installation in minutes with just a few clicks
  • User-friendly design - no technical heavy lifting needed

Unrivaled Partner Program:

  • Dedicated channel sales model
  • Exclusive partner opportunities
  • Simple deal registration for protection
  • Top-tier product margins
  • Generous MDF, incentives, and rewards
  • Close collaboration with Jericho Security
  • Opportunity to provide training and Professional Services

Jericho Security’s Platform offers:

  • Best-in-class generative-AI Spear Phishing Simulator: Assesses employees' ability to identify and report phishing attempts.
  • Detailed results report: Pinpoint vulnerabilities and areas for improvement in your organization's cybersecurity awareness.
  • AI-Driven Adaptive Training: Tailored training that empowers employees to combat advanced phishing threats.
  • Enhanced security posture: Leverage insights from the phishing test to fortify your human firewall and safeguard critical assets.
  • Effortless Integration: Seamlessly connects with Google, Microsoft, Okta, and custom directories for a smooth user experience.