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How Shasta Community Health Center Turned the Tide on Phishing Threats with Jericho Security's AI-Powered Solution

How Shasta Community Health Center Turned the Tide on Phishing Threats with Jericho Security's AI-Powered Solution

Problem Statement:

Shasta Community Health Center, a leading provider of federal integrated healthcare services in Northern California, experienced a large uptick in phishing attempts to their employees.

Yet, the organization faced challenges with its existing phishing simulation tools, which used generic templates and which no longer emulated the advanced types of phishing messages they were receiving from threat actors. Further, the template-based approach led to "prairie dogging," where one employee's detection of a phishing attempt would alert others, reducing the effectiveness of the simulations.

These shortcomings prompted a search for a more innovative solution that could offer a more realistic, effective and tailored approach to security awareness and training.


Shasta Community Health Center discovered Jericho Security while searching for a solution capable of addressing their challenges. Intrigued by Jericho's novel approach to security training, the center initiated contact.

Shasta Community Health Center was particularly attracted to the potential of customizing the phishing simulations and training materials to better suit their needs. Jericho Security's solution also appealed for its use of AI to generate dynamic messaging and the capability to integrate with Active Directory, allowing for more targeted and effective simulations.

Utilizing Jericho’s solution, the center recognized an enhancement in their employees’ ability to recognize and respond to phishing attempts.

Implementation Process:

The implementation of Jericho Security's solution at Shasta Community Health Center marked a significant shift in the organization's cybersecurity training approach.

The first campaign utilizing dynamic messaging proved to be successful, notably disrupting the employees' ability to detect phishing attempts through informal networks preemptively. Initial metrics and feedback have been promising, highlighting a more accurate representation of employee vulnerability to phishing attacks which further allows more targeted training.

The partnership between Shasta and Jericho has been commended by Jericho’s responsiveness and a collaborative effort to tailor the product to the center's specific needs. Moving forward, Shasta anticipates further insights and improvements in its security posture through ongoing campaigns and the continued evolution of Jericho Security's offerings.

Jericho Security transformed our approach from a generic, one-size-fits-all model to a dynamic, AI-driven solution tailored to our needs. Their responsiveness was awesome and their ability to quickly integrate feedback like ours into their offerings have significantly enhanced our security posture. We’ve moved from being reactive to proactive, effectively stretching our team to better recognize and respond to threats.

— Garrett Olin, CIO, Shasta Community Health Center

About Jericho Security

Jericho is using AI to fight AI. With unparalleled expertise in proprietary analytics and educational frameworks, we build our defenses to withstand the relentless scale and might of AI-unleashed attacks.

About Shasta Community Health

Shasta Community Health Center is a non-profit primary health care system. SCHC is based in Redding California and serves Shasta and surrounding counties and communities since 1988.

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