Case Study

PBE Axell Bolsters Defenses with Jericho Security's Innovative Phishing Protection and Customized Training Solutions

PBE Axell Bolsters Defenses with Jericho Security's Innovative Phishing Protection and Customized Training Solutions

Problem Statement:

PBE Axell, a safety and communications company, was looking for innovative and cost- efficient protection against SMS phishing, training, and traditional phishing threats.

The absence of SMS phishing capabilities and a lack of responsiveness to their evolving needs from their previous vendor prompted the client to explore alternative solutions.

Additionally, the client was worried about the increasing frequency of SMS phishing attacks, particularly via WhatsApp and traditional SMS channels. This trend highlighted the urgency for enhanced security measures and effective user training within the organization.


Jericho Security's solution stood out to the client due to its comprehensive phishing capabilities (e.g., email, SMS phishing) and customizable on- demand training modules.

The ability to simulate hyper-realistic phishing attacks and tailor training content to address specific user needs provided PBE with the flexibility and effectiveness they were seeking. The Jericho Security team was commended on their responsiveness and support, swiftly resolving issues and ensuring a smooth and easy transition.

Implementation Process:

Initial feedback from the testing phase highlighted the appeal of Jericho Security's dynamic messaging features, indicating promising prospects for the solution's efficacy in bolstering the company's defenses against evolving cyber threats.

Jericho Security’s innovative approach to SMS phishing training came at the perfect time for us. As we encountered increasing phishing attempts via WhatsApp and text, we realized the need to ramp up our defenses. Jericho’s cost-effective solution, with its customizable training modules and dynamic messaging, was exactly what we needed.

— Tyler Butt, IT Manager, PBE Axell

About Jericho Security

Jericho is using AI to fight AI. With unparalleled expertise in proprietary analytics and educational frameworks, we build our defenses to withstand the relentless scale and might of AI-unleashed attacks.

About PBE Axell

PBE Axell, part of the PBE Group. Delivering state-of-the-art wireless coverage solutions that give our customers a competitive edge. We operate globally in the provision of advanced wireless coverage and capacity delivery systems, producing innovative, cost-effective and robust solutions that address market requirements for improved connectivity, greater capacity and better user experience.

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